Thanks for your interest in joining Hollaback! Mumbai. Here are a few things you should know about volunteering with us:

  • We welcome applications from all members of the community.
  • You can volunteer with us for a specific project or within a limited time frame, like working towards a campaign for International Women’s Day, for example.
  • Or, you can offer any specialist skills you may have to volunteer with us on an ad hoc basis (like a consultant).
  • Or, you can volunteer with us as a committee member of Hollaback! Mumbai.

Volunteering as a committee member means that you will be part of a dynamic team working together to organize events and campaigns to help Hollaback! Mumbai to raise awareness of and tackle Street Harassment. To be a committee member, you don’t have to sign a form stating in detail how you will change the world. The commitment that we do need from you is:

  •     Doing one piece of work every quarter – this can be as little as writing a blog, to as large as helping organize a day school!
  •     Attending and participating in monthly team meetings to help decide and monitor the work of Hollaback! Mumbai.
  •     Taking responsibility for managing Hollaback! Mumbai emails and representing us on social media for one week in rotation with other committee members.
  •     Committing to the values and ethos of Hollaback! Mumbai.

Whether you want to volunteer casually, or whether you’d like to be on our committee, we’ll be sure not to throw you in at the deep end. All new volunteers are assigned a mentor within the committee, who can help introduce the new volunteer to the world of Hollaback! Mumbai, until you’re ready to be set free upon it!

If you think volunteering with Hollaback! Mumbai may be for you, then please complete the attached application form and return it by email to [email protected] If you’d like this form in a different format to make it easier for you to complete, please contact us and let us know what we can do to help! We look forward to hearing from you.

About You:

What is your name?

How can we contact you?

What do you do?

How would you like to get involved with Hollaback! Mumbai (please delete as appropriate):

Committee Member

Volunteer for a specific campaign or limited time period.

Casual/Ad hoc volunteer

If you have chosen to volunteer for a specific campaign, or as a casual volunteer, please tell us a bit more about what you have in mind:


Why do you want to get involved in Hollaback! Mumbai?


Why do you think street harassment happens?


What ideas do you have about how we can challenge street harassment?



What are the top three things you’d like to be involved in? i.e workshops, public speaking, online campaigning, research etc.


What experience do you have of anti-discrimination or equalities work? If you have any examples, like meme’s you have created, or blogs you manage as well as any marches, workshops, discussion groups you’ve been involved in, let us know.


What other skills and experience do you have which you’d like to bring to Hollaback! Mumbai? (This can be everything from using websites like pinterest and tumblr, to your Nobel Peace Prize!)


On average, what is your availability? This doesn’t mean we’ll expect you to do Hollaback! activities every day, but it is good to get an idea if you would be interested in participating in midweek or weekend events.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Thanks for completing this form; we’ll be in touch shortly.