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Video Story: A lesson on courage from a young Indian woman

Harassment in public places in India is nothing new. Countless incidents where perverts of all ages, education and profession express this heinous form of power bestowed upon by a patriarchal society. While for decades, women have been silenced and sexual harassment – on the streets, in locals, flights, restaurants, schools, colleges and workplaces – normalized … Continued

Jenea’s Story: Driving school

When i was 17 i took driving lessons and my instructor tried to grope me every single day. He used to take me to dark lanes to teach driving. Initially i thought ‘its just in my head,’ but as the days passed by he started to be very obvious making me uncomfortable. One day when … Continued

Anon-guy, you are a brave-heart for sharing this!

When your vehicle breaks down and you have to walk down through the creepiest lanes, you know how it feels like. It was around 2:30am when I was walking alone toward home. I observed a huge bike following me since long. It was either Bullet or Enfield— I don’t remember now. Near the dead-end, I … Continued

My ordeal in Rajdhani Express

Written by Garima Shrivastava Nag 3rd class people ( read some bullies ) in 2nd AC compartment of Rajdhani Express.  I was travelling in Rajdhani express from Mum to Del. Everything was ok until a group of men who had separate seats decided to change their’s with other so that they could travel together. A fat … Continued

Street Harassment is just NOT okay, her story

An episode of street harassment from the streets of Mumbai. Re-blogged with permission of the writer This is a photograph of the two idiots that harassed my friend two days ago.  She was travelling in a rick – and it was in the middle of the afternoon, as you can tell. They followed her rickshaw, … Continued

Aparna’s Story

We often find sufferers of abuse and harassment survivors to share their stories but its rare for them to come out in the open in their true identities. Think of doing this as a survivor of incest! This is a brave account of a young woman sharing her story. This might break your heart while … Continued