Self Defence Classes:
You are worth fighting for. We just hope you never actually have to.
DARE – Defence Against Rape and Eve Teasers Course


1298 Women’s Helpline – Mumbai’s women’s emergency helpline
SNEHA Mumbai – 022-24042627/24086011
Police Special Helpline for Women – 103
MAVA  (Men Against Violence and Abuse) 022 2682 6062
Sambhavana Society counselling for abuse 1800-222-199
BEST Helpline to report sexual harassment faced on BEST buses or at a bus stop 1800-227-550

Legal Resources:

Majlis – a women’s legal aid organization based in Mumbai
Alternative Law Forum – an alternative practice of law forum based in Bangalore
Lawyers Collective – a Mumbai-based collective with a women’s rights initiative
National Commission for Women – India’s national organization for women’s issues. Has a legal aid, complaints and investigation cell.

Groups we love:

– a women’s resource center based in Delhi
– a women’s resource center based in Mumbai
Network of Women in Media

Blogs we love:

Online Resources for Women in Politics
The Blank Noise Project
India Together – Women
Gender Masala
Sense and Sensuality
50 Million Missing Campaign
The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

Books and Articles:

Shilpa Phadke, Sameera Khan, Shilpa Ranade: Why Loiter? Women and Risk on Mumbai Streets
Holly Kearl: “Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Spaces Safe and Welcoming for Women.”
(with foreword written by Hollaback co-founders Emily May and Oraia Reid)
Martha Langelan: “Back Off: How to Confront and Stop Sexual Harassment and Harassers”
Siyanda – an international online database of gender and development materials

Film and Multimedia:

Stop Sexual Harassment! – a video by Mumbai women’s resource center, Akshara
Walking Home – a short film on street harassment
War Zone
(1998; 45 min.) by Maggie Hadleigh West
Objectified by Tiye Rose
objecDEFY PSAs by objecDEFY Harassment
Walking Home by Nuala
Black Woman Walking by Tracey Rose
Hey…Shorty! by Girls for Gender Equity
Back Up! Concrete Diaries by Nijla Mumin and Monique Hazeur
Real Men Don’t Holla by the Real Men Don’t Holla group
Crossed Lines by Global Action Project
It’s Not a Compliment by Making Noise Media Camp
Legacy of Harassment by Black Women Against Male Harassment


Fully Automated Nikon
by Laurie Anderson

U.N.I.T.Y. by Queen Latifah
Stop Looking at My Moms by Astronomical Kid
Cat Calling by the Dollytrots
Street Love by Lauri
Plastic Bag by Flora