Mumbai Pride Walk 2014 and Press!

Mumbai Pride Walk 2014 details:

When: Saturday, 1/02/2014

Time to Assemble: 3 pm

What time will The March begin: About 4 pm

Where will we march to : From August Kranti Maidan to Opera House, then on to footpath till Girgaum Chowpatty

Who will lead us: The QAM Banner and the Giant Pride Flag.

Where to Assemble: At August Kranti Maidan . Collect your posters and banner that you would like to march with . Get your mini Pride Flags

How do we know that the March has begun: The banner and the flag start marching . The security volunteers will start telling you to join in the march behind the flag .

What Happens next: Nashik Dhols start at the Nana Chowk and the march has begun.

On arrival at Opera House: Balloons will be released marking end of the walk, from here we walk on the footpath till Girgaum Chowpatty

On arrival at Chowpatty: Talk, have fun , disperse in a while and then join the Post Pride Party.


Mumbai, do attend and show solidarity, it’s a great event to celebrate true colors!

Also, we are featured on the home page of popular social causes Indian webzine Halabol this week.


Do check out both and be part of change!

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