Harassment while traveling with family, her story

Me, my husband and in-laws went to visit Sai baba temple in Gandhinagar, Jammu, 8th December night. While we were walking back to our car two guys in a car passed by staring at me. They were drinking and smoking in car. Instead of police vehicle parked near by they kept crossing us, staring again and again. Ignoring them we hurried back to our car and started to drive back home. The guys started following us and crossing by us. They were heavily drinking and smoking.

We kept on driving hoping to lose them. After about 15 mins of the traumatic experience they finally stopped and turned back. We could partly note their car number “JK .. 7307”.

The trauma of it deprived me and my husband of night’s sleep. I just hope the stalkers wife, sister or mother see the car number and identify them and know what quality of people they live with. Its just name of the relationship that is stopping such guys from raping their own mother and sisters.