Slutwalk is coming to Mumbai! And press! And a photo!

So lots of exciting news; first and foremost, some of you have probably heard that there’s going to be a Besharmi Morcha/Slutwalk Mumbai! So, so exciting. We were just thinking the other day about how much this city needs one. We can’t speak for other Indian cities, but in Bombay, it’s common to see men walking around holding hands and generally being physically affectionate with each other, while it’s rare to see women doing the same. I think Besharmi Morcha/Slutwalk Mumbai will be incredible in that thousands of women will come together to march in solidarity, publicly expressing a desire for safe streets on which we all feel comfortable at any time of the day, wearing whatever we want. We will be posting news and updates on Besharmi Morcha/Slutwalk Mumbai, and are looking forward to it happening! Also, check out this YouTube video made by Besharmi Morcha/Slutwalk Delhi:

Hollaback!MUMBAI has received some pretty awesome press recently; we were on the front-page of Sunday’s Mid-Day¬† (Undercover Morcha Maker) and as part of this incredible feature article called Manufacturing Dissent. The Times of India Crest also did a piece last week on Slutwalk Delhi and we were quoted in their piece Chalo Dilli.

And just for kicks, here’s a photo from HollabackMUMBAI’s lovely ally. So good to see women on the street having a good time. Check out Kunal’s website here.

2 responses to “Slutwalk is coming to Mumbai! And press! And a photo!

  1. Throwing shoes at political leaders makes news.
    One popular meme is that women are weak and cannot fight.
    Another opposing meme is that women can use their footwear/sandals/chappals and beat up a miscreant.

    Could this idea be included?
    Would it make sense to have a march where women hold up a sandal in protest against street harassers, and more importantly against social and *Police* apathy?
    Could any women top cops be involved?

    Would doing any of this result in any hate crimes?
    It would be great is women from all sections of society joined a walk – NOT besharmi morcha – but “Chappal Morcha”?

    What if women formed a group during “Besharmi Morcha” and distributed bangles to all the men who stand watching silently?

    Because if just 2 men stand up against a harasser, he starts feeling insecure too.
    So the men who just watch deserve to wear bangles.

    “Purush Chudi daan” – “Donating bangles to men” morcha?

    This should not be hijacked by the negative connotation that “Besharmi Morcha” has among the unthinking majority.

    Bangles or Sandals makes a wider impact and can be discussed thoroughly in presence of the family, by young women even in oppressive fundamentalist homes.

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