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April 15, 2014

Anon-guy, you are a brave-heart for…

When your vehicle breaks down and you have to walk down through the creepiest lanes, you know how it feels like. It was around 2:30am when I was walking alone toward home. I observed a huge bike following me since long. It was either Bullet or Enfield— I don’t remember now. Near the dead-end, I was stopped by a huge man on the bike whose height could be 6’4+ and…
December 9, 2012

Harassment while traveling with family, her…

Me, my husband and in-laws went to visit Sai baba temple in Gandhinagar, Jammu, 8th December night. While we were walking back to our car two guys in a car passed by staring at me. They were drinking and smoking in car. Instead of police vehicle parked near by they kept crossing us, staring again and again. Ignoring them we hurried back to our car and started to drive back…


Women’s Day Roundup: Tweetathon, Press & lots of love

Holla, Mumbai! We hope you have a fantastic International Women’s Day 2015. We were featured in The Epoch Times along with Hollaback Delhi on March 8th. Besides, US Consulate General gave our Director, Arpita Bhagat a shout out along with three kickass ladies – Aditi Gupta (Menstrupedia), Elsa Marie DSilva (SafeCity), Bhani Rachel Bali (Point … Continued

Video Story: A lesson on courage from a young Indian woman

Harassment in public places in India is nothing new. Countless incidents where perverts of all ages, education and profession express this heinous form of power bestowed upon by a patriarchal society. While for decades, women have been silenced and sexual harassment – on the streets, in locals, flights, restaurants, schools, colleges and workplaces – normalized … Continued